Week 7 – already?!

Ok … shame on me for not updating in a few weeks.  Here is a quick recap.  Week 4 was splendid, was able to get in two nice runs, started picking up the pace on the treadmill (still terribly cold outside at that point).  Week 4 ended with a Ski trip to Killington, VT, and two days of excellent skiing.

Week 5 and Week 6 flew by, without a single run (except yesterday), so I am a little behind.  I got caught traveling for work, and was not up to the superhuman task of training.  Jason, you truly are a champ for continuing the routine in Mexico a few weeks ago!

Anyway, I ran outside with Jen yesterday and we did a little over 3 miles.  It felt good, although I’m a little sore today.  So, Jen and Jason have gotten to the 5 mile mark, and I don’t think Suzanne and I have yet.

Don’ t look now, but we are supposed to run in a 5 mile race in West Chester on Sunday, March 2nd!  That gives us two more weeks to get prepared.  Stay tuned to see if we can push that back a week or so …


Week 3

First run of week 3 happened this morning – unfortunately it was indoors again due to the weather.  Fortunately, I was able to run next to Jen so we could suffer through it together.  We are up to 3 miles or 30 minutes per run now, and hopefully everyone is feeling good about that.  I’m still running for slightly less time during the week due to my concerns about IT syndrome.

I really needed a push from Jen to get to the gym this morning.  She’s good like that.  Hopefully the blog is doing the same for those of us who don’t live with a training partner.  Haven’t heard from anyone in a while, so maybe that isn’t the case.  What up, people?! 

What to wear …

It has been extremely cold – I’m watching it snow outside the window of my office right now – so how do you dress appropriately if you are going to brave the cold?  Check out this tool from runnersworld.com to help you get dressed.

There was also a discussion item in the NYTimes about this topic.  Check it out here.

Week 2

OK … so we’re on to week two.  We’re up to running 30 minutes per run (except for me maybe) which is great progress.  We’ll stick here for a few weeks to build up our mileage …

End of Week 1

So … Week 1 officially came to a close yesterday.  How is everyone feeling?  Jen and I ran along the Schuylkill River Park just past the Art Museum.  It was pretty cold (40s?), but nice and sunny.

The first 30 minute run was not kind to my aging legs.  A little sore this morning, and already a little tweak in my knee (I suffer from IT band syndrome).  I may cut back to 20 minutes for a few runs this week.  There is plenty of time to train for this race …

How about you guys?  Feel ok after week one?  Motivated for week two?  Everyone is doing great so far.  The hardest part is getting started.

The Schedule …

In case you’re interested in joining us, this is a copy of the schedule we are following. This is a combination of a few schedules I found online at runner’s world online http://www.runnersworld.com and Hall Higdon’s running site http://www.halhigdon.com.

Just to re-state, I’m not a certified coach or anything, so check with your trainer or doctor, or a least educate yourself a little more on your own if you want to start running. Broad Street Run 2008 Training Calendar

We are running … and begin!

This week was the first in our 19-week training regimen to run in the Broad Street Run, a 10-mile race taking place this May in Philadelphia. There are four of us, and we are all non-runners. We’ve all run here and there, but I’d say running really isn’t a habit for any of us. I also don’t think we have a specific goal other than to cross the finish line.

The first run is always the toughest, but we all did it. We are really easing into it, only doing 20 minutes runs 3 times this week – you can check out the training calendar here (will link later). At least the weather was nice in Philadelphia – 70’s earlier in the week. This morning was a different story – 40’s and overcast.

Two down, fifty-five more to go …

P.S. – the image at the top of the page is from Safe Harbors Travel Group’s Travel Blog